CSMi – WHEN JUST GOOD ENOUGH ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU.  A pioneer in the Isokinetic testing and rehabilitation field, CSMi has been designing and manufacturing computer-based measurement, training, and documentation products for Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Exercise Science since 1982.  Our leadership in this field has paved the way for our products to be prominently featured around the world in:

Hospitals and Clinics

Research Centers

Training Rooms

Industrial Sites

Educational Institutions

Our first product was the HUMan Assessment Computer (HUMAC) for the CYBEX II Isokinetic Extremity System in 1982.  Based on an Apple //e computer, the HUMAC replaced the CYBEX II strip chart recorder and reduced the time to generate a test report from one hour to a few minutes.  The HUMAC included a database which added the ability to store, recall, compare, and average test results.  While these features are common in today’s products at the time this was revolutionary.

The product strategy behind the original HUMAC Upgrade holds true today.  We seek out existing measurement, training, and documentation procedures in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy that can be improved by applying computer-based product solutions.

  • HUMAC NORM Extremity System offers repeatable dynamic, isolated joint measurement and training
  • HUMAC Upgrade for CYBEX & Biodex Extremity Systems adds features and improves productivity and reliability of machines already in the field

Launched in 1982 CSMi is a family owned business located in Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA.  Our products are used in over 30 countries and counting!