What is the lead time for delivery of an Humac Norm isokinetic machine?

Typical lead-time is 6 to 8 weeks based on demand, customer location, and custom requirements. In situations where a customer needs immediate delivery we do our best to accommodate their needs, as production allows.

What is the warranty on the HUMAC NORM?

The HUMAC NORM Extremity System is covered by a one-year warranty. Extended warranties are available.

Can I update to the latest software?

The HUMAC NORM Extremity System includes the HUMAC Software. The most recent version of the HUMAC Software is backwards compatible with all CYBEX NORM and HUMAC NORM Systems. The current version is 2015.

How is the HUMAC NORM chair configuration superior to the other designs?

The HUMAC NORM uses a patented in-line chair / dynamometer configuration. Compared to T-base and free standing dynamometer  designs the HUMAC NORM offers faster set-ups due to fewer adjustments and greater stability due to superior rigidity.

Why does the HUMAC NORM have adjustable mechanical Range-of-Motion stops?

Range-of-Motion stops are in place for safety. The HUMAC NORM’s adjustable ROM stops allow the user to match the machine allowable ROM to the patients ROM. This is especially important for patients with limited ROM. Fixed ROM stops only provide protection for patients with the maximum ROM. Patients with limited ROM have NO protection until they exceed their ROM and hit the fixed mechanical stop located at the end of the ROM for the average patient. For example, an ACL patient with 70 ROM, HUMAC NORM allows the operator to set the ROM stops at 70 degrees. Other systems have one setting – 120 degrees.

Does the HUMAC NORM interface with EMG Systems

Yes – the HUMAC NORM’s auxiliary outputs provide access to the torque, position, velocity, and direction signals. In addition the HUMAC NORM is the first and only to offer optional integrated EMG. Integrated EMG allows the HUMAC to collect, combine, manage and report EMG and Isokinetic results.

Does the HUMAC NORM interface with E-Stim Systems?Yes – the HUMAC NORM offers an optional E-stim module. It is compatible with Digitimer and Gras units.

What does CSMi stand for?

Computer Sports Medicine, Inc.

NOTE: If upgrading to Windows 10 please contact CSMi for important upgrade details.