Isokinetic Extremity Machine for Testing and Rehab

See what you are testing/treating using the HUMAC® NORM™.

In the clinic and in the lab, the HUMAC® NORM™ Isokinetic Extremity System by Computer Sports Medicine, inc (CSMi) is the first choice of Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Exercise Scientists who demand the best outcomes for their patients and their research.

A HUMAC NORM isokinetic test helps take the guesswork out of documenting the need for treatment, patient progression, and return-to-work/sport decisions. Bi-lateral deficits exist and need to be reduced or they do not. From the 1970s to today, research continues to reinforce the inclusion of isolated joints, isokinetic resistance testing, and training in treatment protocols to improve outcomes.

Stop guessing and start objectively assessing strength with a HUMAC NORM mechanical dynamometer by CSMi.

The right fit for your work environment

Physical Therapists

In the clinic, the HUMAC NORM can be utilized for all types of orthopedic rehab needs. Our machine has an application to fit into your patient’s plan of care, no matter their current phase of rehab.

Athletic Trainers

In the athletic training room, the HUMAC NORM is an essential rehabilitation tool during the rehab process for all athletic extremity injuries.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Make the HUMAC NORM part of your orthopedic practice to enhance patient care and maximize return-to-activity success. Our machine can be used from Day 1 of post op care with 22 different movement patterns.


Start getting valid, reliable, and reproducible objective measurements during your research with the HUMAC NORM. With over 30 reports built into our software, you’ll get all the data you need.

Know the limit before pushing it

Before giving your patients permission to take it to the max, find out what they are capable of by testing them with our extremity system.
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The HUMAC NORM includes attachments to perform 22 isolated patterns covering the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and back. Optional attachments allow trunk extension/flexion, work simulation, and closed kinetic chain patterns.

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“Patients love the HUMAC, in that they love to see objective results as it’s a great motivator and keeps them coming here and referring others. The doctors that know we have it, state that they love to see objective numbers and refer patients because we have the ability to provide them with those numbers. I think the biggest pro in having the HUMAC and the other hi-tech equipment that we have, as well as our top-notch website, is that they showcase our practice and draw patients to us. I don’t think you can put a specific ROI on that.”

Russ Gatenby, PT
Qore Physical Therapy

“I have 30 years of experience with quantification of human performance in the setting of both clinical and research testing. I have used nearly every dynamometer system available beginning with the “chain” driven models. My current facility had a history of needing to replace the system every 4-5 years because of heavy use. When replacement was last required, I pushed for the HUMAC Norm, which we have now had for 5 years and do not anticipate needing to replace it again.”

Mayo Clinic

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