Isokinetic Extremity Machine for Testing and Rehabilitation

Whether you’re measuring performance or prescribing exercise for your patients; you can do it all on the HUMAC NORM.

Isokinetic Machine

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Know the limit before pushing it.

Before giving your patients permission to take it to the max, find out what they are capable of by testing them with our extremity system.

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22 Isolated Movement Patterns

The HUMAC NORM includes attachments to perform 22 isolated patterns covering the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and back. Optional attachments allow trunk extension/flexion, work simulation, and closed kinetic chain patterns.

Knee: Extension/Flexion Seated
Knee Extension Flexion Prone
Knee Tibial Internal External Rotation
Ankle Plantar Dorsiflexion Prone
Ankle Plantar Dorsiflexion Supine
pattern6 diagram Converted
Shoulder Abduction Adduction
Shoulder Extension Flexion
Shoulder Horizontal Abduction Adduction
Shoulder Internal External Rotation in 90 deg Abduction
Shoulder Internal External Rotation, Mod-Standing
shoulder internal external rotation in 90 deg flexion
PNF D1 Flexion-Adduction Extension-Abduction
PNF D2 Flexion-Abduction Extension-Adduction
Forearm pronation supination
wrist extension flexion
wrist radial ulnar deviation
pattern19 diagram Converted
pattern20 diagram Converted
pattern21 diagram Converted
pattern22 diagram Converted
Trunk: Flexion/Extension

Suggested Floor Plan & Power

humacNORM Floor Plan
humac norm isokinetic dynamometer extremity system with feature callouts
"I have 30 years of experience with quantification of human performance in the setting of both clinical and research testing. I have used nearly every dynamometer system available beginning with the “chain” driven models. My current facility had a history of needing to replace the system every 4-5 years because of heavy use. When replacement was last required, I pushed for the HUMAC Norm, which we have now had for 5 years and do not anticipate needing to replace it again."
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