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Designing and Manufacturing Extremity Systems Since 1982

The HUMAC NORM Extremity System for Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Exercise Scientists is prominently featured around the world in:

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Hospitals & Clinics

HUMAC NORM helps with the rehabilitation and testing of patients.

Research Centers

HUMAC NORM is used in many research studies.


Athletic Training Rooms

HUMAC NORM helps with return-to-sport plans.


Industrial Sites

The HUMAC NORM is a great tool for rehabilitating common work injuries.


Sports Medicine programs flourish when they have a HUMAC NORM to teach on.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

We seek out existing measurement, training, and documentation procedures in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy that can be improved by applying computer-based product solutions. Our extremity machine is used in over 30 countries and counting!

The HUMAC NORM Extremity System

In one machine, the HUMAC® NORM™ offers four resistance modes and attachments to perform 22 isolated-joint patterns covering the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and back. Optional attachments allow trunk extension/flexion, work simulation, and closed kinetic chain patterns. Numerous reports showcase patient data in easy-to-interpret graphs and numbers.

Satisfied Customers

What we really purchased, though, was the HUMAC company. Biodex had a regional rep that was semi-knowledgeable and Rob and his brother responded immediately with service but also with technical knowledge- they even changed a computer interface for us within a few days. For me, HUMAC is a company based on science, not sales.”

Dr. Eric J Hegedus PT, MHSc, OCS, CSCS

Professor and Founding Chair, High Point University

“We now own 3 HUMAC NORM systems on our campus, which is a tribute to the product you have created, your customer service, and specifically your ability to be responsive to the needs of both clinicians and researchers. No other company has provided such consistently exceptional customer service, so there is no question that the investment in a HUMAC NORM is an easy choice compared to the competition.”

Jennifer Stevens-Lapsley, MPT, PhD

Associate Professor, UCD Physical Therapy Program

Featured Customer Success Story

We sat down with Elizabeth Addison, PT, MS of OrthoSouth in Memphis, TN to find out how the HUMAC NORM fits into her practice. OrthoSouth is an area leader in orthopedic care, with seven outpatient locations and two surgical centers throughout the mid-South community.