• Unparalleled Design and Construction
• Patented In-line Design
• Largest seating area
• Backwards Compatible Software
• Rejuvenate almost any system with HUMAC

Developed for the Exercise Science Lab and perfected in the Physical Therapy Clinic and Athletic Training Room the HUMAC NORM Isokinetic Extremity System is the machine of choice across all disciplines and around the world. The HUMAC NORM chair is 40% larger for better patient stabilization – especially in prone and supine patterns. Larger bearings make it easier to move chair with patient/subject in chair.

  • Mechanical Design

Patented inline design is space efficient, quick to set up, includes 22 standard test & exercise patterns, and is the most stable platform in the market.

  • Dynamometer Performance

HUMAC NORM has great eccentric torque (1/10 ft/lb and 1/16 /deg/sec to 500 ft/lbs and 500 deg/sec). Additionally, there are adjustable mechanical range-of-motion (ROM) stops so no need to change attachments when changing sides. Competition has fixed ROM stops which require right/left attachments and different attachment for pediatric vs adult. In short it takes less time to set patients/subjects up on HUMAC NORM.

  • Intuitive Software

Intuitive HUMAC Software makes it easy to learn and operate the HUMAC NORM Extremity System. Vivid and unique exercise displays help keep patients motivated. Full-page test, progress and group summary reports make it easy to communicate baselines, progress, and performance relative to local norms. HUMAC offers test, progress and group summary (generate normative data over user defined group). Competition’s progress only compares one side and a group summary is rarely available. Most importantly, for a long term investment, new Software releases are backwards compatible so you can keep you machine current. You don’t have to buy a brand new machine to get the most recent software! This is why we also offer our HUMAC Software as an upgrade for Biodex System 2, 3 and 4. To date thousands of HUMAC (CYBEX) and Biodex Owners have upgraded to our HUMAC Software.


Feature NORM Biodex
Patented In-line Design GREEN CHECKMARK red x
Seat Area 144 sq/in & Lays Flat GREEN CHECKMARK red x
Adjustable Mechanical ROM Stops GREEN CHECKMARK red x
No Need to Change Attachments When Changing Sides GREEN CHECKMARK red x
Ability to Rotate Dynamometer Shaft 360+ Degrees GREEN CHECKMARK red x
Integrated Test, Progress, & Group Summary Reports GREEN CHECKMARK red x
Backwards Compatible Software With All Prior Generations GREEN CHECKMARK red x
3 D Patterns With Wheel/Cable Attachment GREEN CHECKMARK red x
High-Resolution Torque, Position, and Velocity Analog Outputs for Integration with 3rd Party EMG Systems GREEN CHECKMARK red x