Rejuvenate the CYBEX Or Biodex you already own with HUMAC

Dear CSMi,
We upgraded our Biodex System3 with your HUMAC Computer System a year ago. I wanted to let you know what you told me then proved to be true. The  HUMAC makes our Biodex easier to use and so we end up using it more and…not only does it give us great results with our patients but it improves their experience of working with us because they are impressed by the technology – they become more invested in us as a practice.”
Robert Mitchener MPT, CFP
Biltmore Physical Therapy, LLC

If the CYBEX or Biodex Isokinetic Extremity System you already own is in good mechanical order but the software and computer are holding you back the HUMAC can help. The HUMAC replaces the outdated software, computer, and controller with the latest technology and features to bring your system up-to-date. With HUMAC your entire staff will be able to use the CYBEX or Biodex for measurement, training, or research.

In 1982 CSMi was the first company to upgrade a CYBEX II Isokientic Extremity System with an Apple //e computer running our HUMan Assessment Computer Software (HUMAC). Since then over 2,000 CYBEX and Biodex Owners have upgraded to HUMAC for a fraction of the price of a new machine. And once updated you will always have the option to keep your software current because the latest versions of the HUMAC are always backwards compatible.

Find out just how useful your CYBEX or Biodex can be with HUMAC. Contact CSMi today!