Disclosures – We do have a podcast that receives a small amount of compensation from CSMI, who is the maker of the refurbished HUMAC/CYBEX NORM isokinetic machine that we own.

There is a code that is 97750 that is “Performance Test” that does reimburse about 2x’s that of a regular thex ex code. We can bill this code for monthly testing with each patient. There is not much direct payment for use of the machine to be honest. The isokinetic machine is considered the gold standard for return to play in the field of PT, especially for ACLR.

Ways that our company has created revenue and benefit with direct use of the ISK machine include:

Ways that our company has created revenue and benefit with direct use of the machine include

  1. Establishing ourselves as the leaders in sports PT, just by having the ISK machine and knowing it’s value.
  2. We reached out and touched over 30 patients last year (2023) with various kinds of ACL injuries to determine appropriateness with RTP and progress. We also use this ISK machine for non-athletes as well in their care.
  3. We held free “Pre-Season Testing” for local colleges and high schools, which we directly turned into a couple PT referrals. We estimate that we befriended over 100 athletes directly in our community and helped 5-6 coaches who we now have a great relationship with. We provided some basic strength programming based on their results.
  4. Before we had the ISK machine, we saw 0 patients with ACL injuries or surgeries. Since purchasing the machine we treated 8 patients after ACLR all the way through the continuum of care. Their avg ROI is about $10,000 per referral, which easily covered the purchase price of the ISK machine.
  5. In 2024 our business has already seen 6 patients after ACLR and we continue to gain momentum and growth. I feel it’s directly related to having the machine that very few have in the state of WV.
  6. We receive patients and clients from other PT clinics that we charge $100 for an ISK test and are willing to go over the results with them to ensure understanding and safe RTP.
  7. We work with IPCS/Datafit testing for pre-employment testing and we get reimbursed ($70/test). We get 4-5 in a calendar year and a PT tech performs their testing.
  8. We use it for lots of workers comp cases and personal injury cases where there is an emphasis on being as objective with testing as possible.
  9. Having the ISK machine has led to us adding different programs that are unique and helpful, like our ACL bridge program, which we currently have packages ranging from $150/mo to $800/mo. This program continues to gain popularity as well.
  10. It has improved our social media presence and ability to educate the local community and rehab community as well of the benefits of strength testing and preventing 2nd or 3rd injuries.
  11. We plan to have a second location with a big emphasis on having the isokinetic machine and being dedicated to being THE BEST sports PT group in WV. You can’t be the best if you don’t have the best equipment…similar to Tiger Woods having the very best golf clubs. Now we aren’t on Tiger’s level but we are striving to be!
  12. We are now attracting what I like to think are the best clinicians in the field and having the machine makes them feel like they are a part of the future of therapy and shows them how serious we are about being the best.
  13. It’s hard to put a dollar amount on the total reimbursement of having the ISK machine in our clinic both tangibly and intangibly. I would estimate our revenues directly related to having the machine are somewhere in the (130K) range in the last few years, but that number is likely higher due to clinician retention and relationships made etc.
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