Hello again! This is Daniel from CSMi and I wanted to give a quick update on how my experience is going opening a new clinic. If you recall, last month I posted about finding the right clinic space. This month I want to talk about the next big step (and a fun one), buying equipment for the clinic.

The first item I needed was a HUMAC NORM Isokinetic System. As Isokinetics is going to be my practice niche, this was a no-brainer one. I decided to go with a refurbished unit to help with the costs as these machine as made to last and with the upgraded computer system, it was a perfect fit for my first machine.

Next, I needed clinical and gym equipment! Over the last 5 years I’ve acquired some equipment such as a refurbished Shuttle MVP PRO, Smart Cuffs BFR System, Blazepods, Vald Force Decks, NecksLevel, a portable rehab table, stability trainers, exercise bands, and agility/overspeed training equipment. I also had some equipment such as a low-level light therapy, combo estim/US units, and lumbar/cervical home traction units donated to me from a previous employer.

I still needed to purchase another rehab table, all the traditional clinic items, a treadmill, recumbent cycle, a power cage, functional cable system, and barbell, dumbbell, kettlebells, and medicine balls heavy enough to rehab high level athletes all the way back to sports.

On top of that I needed all the standard items needed for a general office including a desk and chair, bookshelves, filing cabinets, waiting room chairs, an office couch for when my kids are home sick from school, a refrigerator, and break room furniture.

Luckily, I’m undertaking this transition at a good time of the year as I was able to take advantage of black Friday deals and I bought as many furniture items used I as could. I tried to find the best prices for everything else. All in all, the clinic is coming together and it’s an exciting big step. Next month I want to come back and tell you about the next big step which is marketing to local clinics, sports clubs, and docs.

Daniel Bodkin PT, DPT, ATC

ProActive Athletic Performance


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